About Our Company

ALEF LTD was founded in Kherson, Ukraine in 1996.
Main activities of the company are purchase, processing, storage and export of organic agricultural products of Ukrainian origin to the countries of EU. In near future we plan to export our organic goods to the USA and Canada as well.
Our company works in different regions of Ukraine. We make contracts with certified farms for growing of organic grains, oil-seeds.
Together with our partners we implant innovative organic technologies for growing of organic crops.

One of the advantages of our company is that the company has general partner which represents Alef’s interests on the European arena. The name of the company is UAB “Universal Trade”.

UAB “Universal Tлогоrade” is a trader of an array of organic agricultural products. The company was founded in the 2012, in Lithuania, Vilnius. Universal Trade is engaged in the business of trading of organic agricultural products from Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan to EU. The wok of the company is based on the principles of fair, open and mutually beneficial partnership. Each year,the company is certified by Viesollis taiga «Ekoagros». An important point is that UAB “Universal Trade” together with the partners implant the technology “EkoRost” in cultivation. It’s innovation organic technology for growing of organic crops. Every organic project has own agronomist, who monitors and coordinates  organic production such as: soil preparation, planting, plant protection, harvesting and storing. All fields are thoroughly tested by the certification body carrying out inspection and certification of organic production in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. Based on this inspection our Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakh suppliers are certified by Organic Standard Ltd as per Standards Equivalent European Union Organic Production & Processing Standard for Third Countries (Regulation (EC) 834/2007,889/2008) and receive Organic Certificate

Universal Trade appreciates the confidence of regular suppliers and is always open to new suggestion and opportunities. The company takes care of entire business partners because believes to make relations with them life time.